Last Dad Standing

Last Dad Standing

Keith Dickens is a father of three but remains a child of the 80’s. The child-man boasts a head filled with superhero nonsense and hair band lyrics. His body of useless knowledge also includes Star Trek starship specifications and Magic: The Gathering set lists.

In addition to being a father, he is a writer, designer, woodworker, movie-lover, old-school gamer, and husband-er. Keith thinks of himself as a “jack-of-all-trades”, but that doesn’t end in “er”, so he calls himself MacGyver. It’s all pretty silly, but he is pretty handy.

Keith currently works for an international engineering consulting firm under the secret identity of a humble digital marketing strategist. On Wednesdays he can be found playing as a building supervisor, wandering the halls of the local Community Y, saving lives from dirty towels and lost AirPods.

His favorite food is hot, drinks a lot of cold tea, and thinks chocolate tastes like dirty feet.

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